What I Wish School Taught Us.

      Don’t get me wrong we learn quite a lot in our thirteen plus years of schooling, but in my opinion, some of the things we learn are pretty much pointless, it’s stuff that isn’t going to help most us outside of school. For example, most things we learn in math unless you are going to become a math teacher or another mostly math involved career you are not going to use things like Pythagorean’s theorem, or how to find the slope of a line. Knowing that Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell isn’t going to get me that far in my career unless I’m becoming a doctor or biologist. I think that things that would further a career should be taught in college, where you should be learning things that will actually help you in high school. In elementary school and middle school things like basic math and science and how to read and write proper papers  and our country’s history should be taught. In high school, I think that yes they should still teach us the basic things, but they should teach us things that we all can take with us and use in any situation in life. things like how to change a tire or oil in your car. How to sew a button, hem pants and use an iron. How to balance a checkbook, pay bills, buy a house, take out a loan, and get yourself out of debt. How to eat healthily and not gain the freshman 15, How to support yourself when you move out, how to keep a job. And if you were to ever wander into a voting booth one day what you are to do. But most importantly, what I think should be taught is how to respect yourself, and your goals, and to not put yourself down.

     I do appreciate the education that I get, and understand that not everyone has the access to an almost free education. I just wish that some of the things they teach us in school were more directed at making us a better person and teaching us how to live in the world, then how to find the chemical equation of a substance or how to find the slope of a line.



I can sit here and tell you a bunch of basic facts about myself like, I’m a 16-year-old girl, who is a junior in high school and plays the in the school’s marching band. But see that is just boring and even though it’s the truth and those are real facts about me, that isn’t the story it’s just what’s on the outside, what most  people I meet know about me. You see I don’t know who I am. Like I said I’m 16, I’m still finding out who I am. This is only the beginning of my story, there’s so much more that I have yet to experience or discover about myself. High school is a journey we all go through, it is part of the process of finding out who we are and what we are going to be. As reality slowly becomes more vivid, that soon I will be having to pick what I want to do with the rest of my life,  thoughts about who am I, what do I want to become, and What do I want people to know me as and remember me as are becoming a bigger more important thought in my head. As someone who suffers from severe anxiety, I know that these thoughts can weigh on the mind and sometimes it’s hard to find the answer to the question “WHO I AM I?”. I believe that god puts everyone on this earth for a reason and he has a path that he is trying to direct us on to find the answer to that question. He has a plan for all of us. We all have a why, a why for why we are here, in the place, at this time, around these people, we just have to figure out what our why is.

Reflection on the single story of a suburban High school student

     The single story that people often tell about high school students at a suburban school is that we are white, rich, stuck up, spoiled kids. That we have everything handed to us and we don’t care about anything but ourselves. The truth is, that yes there are some kids that fall under this category, but most of us try to get good grades, are independant, and go out and get jobs at the age of 16 or 17. Among all of us are talented individuals who participate in sports and art programs, such as, band and choir. Most kids strive for greatness and success.

     We are a very diverse community, full of many differnt races, sexualites and fincancal backgrounds. We are not all White. We are not all rich. We are not all the normal suburban high school student. We are all unique in our own way and will become our own individual selves one day. So in my opinion the stereotype given to suburban high school students is false.