What would you do?

In the book ” The Future of us” by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler,  the two main characters Josh and Emma get there first computer. When they log on to the internet for the first time they find Facebook. The strange thing is in the book it is 1996. Facebook has not been created and will not be created for fifteen years. They slowly find out that this strange website they are looking at is their future. They begin to find out that every small thing they do changes something down the road. So they try to do things to change who they marry and every other major things in their life.

So this got me thinking, what would you do if you could see your future?

I wouldn’t like to see my future I would be nervous I would mess it up in some big way.


traveling vs college?

Traveling the world is something I have always dreamed of doing. I want to meet new people, learn new languages, try weird new foods, and engulf myself in new cultures. But as the end of Highschool comes closer and closer I have realized that maybe traveling the world isn’t has big of a possibility as I think it is. For one, it isn’t as safe out there as it used to be. This world is a crazy place. Second, money. Traveling is so expensive. Third, college. I want to go to college, and further my education.

Those three things have made me rethink something that I have always dreamed of doing.  I know that there is much more good in the world than what the media shows us. That I’m in danger just by sitting in my house, because anything can happen to anyone, anywhere at anytime. I know that a gap year, study abroad, and foreign exchange is always an option.  I have also thought about just not going to college and taking off and teaching myself as I travel, you can learn a lot when you engulf yourself in new cultures and step out of your comfort zone. But later on in life when I turn in my resume to apply for a job, a high school degree and traveling the world won’t look as well next to someone with a bachelor’s degree. The one thing that discourages me the most is money. It is very expensive to travel and if I want to go to college it will be nearly impossible until I’m older and financially stable. I just need to stay focused and work hard so I one day can reach these goals. I think trying to prove yourself wrong is one of the best motivators than anything else.


Everyone has something that helps them calm down. It keeps them sane. For some people, it’s a person, their dog, or reading. For me it’s music. If it wasn’t for music I’d probably be mentally insane. Whether I’m just sitting in my room, driving,or doing my homework music is full blast. It’s the only way I can think and concentrate without overthinking. That’s why I hate silence, I overthink everything. Testing sucks because not many teachers play music and I can’t concentrate.