Let’s be practical

They lied to us. They told us since we were 3 or 4 that we could do whatever we wanted when we grew up. That anything was possible. So we all had this career that we wanted since we were little. Some of us wanted to be doctors, some of us actors or singers, some of us teachers, or pro-football, basketball or baseball players. But now they tell us that most of those things aren’t practical. That they won’t get us anywhere in life because “ It’s hard to make it in the world of” insert whatever your 8 year old self wanted to become. All the adults that i’ve talked to aren’t worried about what i actually want to do in life, they are worried about how much money i’ll make and if i’ll have a stable life after college. If i’ll be able to get a job with the degree i’m spending thousands on. Yes I agree that we need to make sure whatever we decide to go into will make us enough money, but we should also focus on the fact of will the career we are going into be something that will make us happy, is it something we want to spend the rest of our life doing. I hate seeing people say that they want to be something but then realize that they wouldn’t make a enough money so they change their mind and pick something that they will make enough money in, not something that they are passionate about or something that will make them happy. Since I was about 7 fashion, art and photography have always been one of my favorite things. I love drawing floor plans, designing rooms, clothes, taking pictures. But my parents have told me since high school started that i need to pick something practical. Something with a definite plan. So I changed my mind to therapy, psychology. Something that deals with working with kids and helping people with their problems. But now my parents are worried about how much my college will cost. To go to my dream college it would cost over $104,000 for just the first 4 years. So they want me to pick something smaller, something less expensive. So yet again they are more worried about money.
I really find it sad how money is what people are so worried about. I wish more people would focus on what will make you happy more then what will make you money. So go, do what you want. Think back to when we were younger and they told us we can be anything. Don’t let that be a lie. Think of your happiness before your bank account. Practical is trying hard and following your dreams, not lowering your standards and doing something you don’t find joy in. Really if anyone or anything isn’t practical, it’s them.


Rock Reflection

For my rock, I painted the world ” relax” on it. In 2017 I want to try and stick to the word ” relax”. I suffer from Hyperactive anxiety disorder. As someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder, I am hardly ever relaxed. I am usually freaking out, or worrying about multiple things at once. So my goal for 2017 is to not let my anxiety control my life and mood. To try and think rationally about things and stay calm and relaxed.