How’s life going rn 

Well you see they expect a lot from us in these last two years of high school and trying to find the time and energy to get it all done is so very hard.

We have to go for 8 hours to school, study for countless test and quizzes that our teachers give us, do countless hours of homework for our 6+ classes, participate in school sports and clubs, help out in the community, keep our grades up, have a social life, stay healthy, go to the gym, go to the doctor, get 8 hours of sleep a night, see our families, go to family events, get jobs, actually work those jobs, get our license, do chores, help around the house, take state test so we can graduate, take the ACT, visit colleges, apply for colleges, keep a good gpa, and have a good attendance at school, keep healthy relationships with everyone in our life’s… all well we should still act like kids and be normal teenagers and enjoy high school. Now please tell me how we are supposed to do this and remain mentally stable… 


6 thoughts on “How’s life going rn 

  1. midnightpizzarun says:

    I feel you bud, that has been running though my mind so much these past couple of weeks. I have a class where my teacher expects us to do about 10 things that all take up a lot of time. I think it is really unfair that teachers just give so much homework without taking in consideration of the other classes we take as well as jobs and extra curricular events. I know that there are times where we’re choose to add things in our lives like doing sports or joining clubs but others we have to like getting jobs. I have to have a job so I can have gas money and help pay for things like my car insurance and sometimes even my phone bill. It was really hard to fit all of that in but somehow someway we can do it


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