A to Z about me

Anna Maria Island FL- a frequent vacation spot for my entire family since my mom was kid. One of my favorite places in the world.

Blue- the color of my eyes

Cincinnati Reds- my favorite baseball team

Disney– I was a Disney kids growing up

Eva and Elle– my dogs

Frizzy hair- I have an afro

Grace- my middle name

Happiness- something I’m trying to find

Italian- my mother’s family is Italian

Jazz band- my favorite class of the day

Kiera- my sister’s name

Lifting- my favorite thing to do

Michigan- my favorite college football team, GO BLUE!

Nice- people tell me I’m too nice. I can’t say no

Ohio- my home state

Purple- my favorite color

Quotes and

Running- a thing I don’t do

Springfield– the city I was born and raised in

Taurus- my zodiac sign

Upperclass man- I’m a junior

Very anxious

Whale- my favorite animal

Xylophone- not an instrument I play but it’s the only word I could come up with

Yellow springs- my favorite place in Ohio

Zits- my worst enemy



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