Dear class of 2018

Sooooooo, here we are again. Yet another school year coming to an end. Another summer rapidly approaching. But to me this isn’t no ordinary summer. Not only is this summer more then likely the last summer of being a “kid”, it’s also the summer where we have to start putting all the puzzle pieces together and start figuring out the rest of our lives. We start going on College tours. Applying for colleges or swearing into the military. It’s the last of first days of school, last first games, last band camps, last homecoming, last everything. It’s the beginning of the end of the last 12 years of our lives. Everything is going to lead right up to the last moment of it all, graduation. What’s scary to me is that in a matter of 9 months your future will pretty much be planned. From august to may. 

So this summer do anything and everything (legal) and have the best summer ever. One of your last actual summers. Please spend time with your family, especially your siblings, during the school year, I know that I’m not not home that much so summer is the time I see my family the most. But we will all be gone soon so spend time with them. Let your mom take all the pictures she wants. Listen to your dads jokes and laugh. Listen to your grandparents tell stories over lunch. Go swimming or camping with your siblings. Just enjoy the summer with the people who love you, whether that’s family or friends or both just spend time with them. 

Please take in all the wonderful things about school, and the terrible. Thank the teachers that have helped you get this far. Go to all the school dances, the pep rally’s, participate in things like sports and variety show, go to school games, become friends with kids you would have never talked to last year.(people change, people are also better once you get to know them) come to school everyday (or at least most), do your work, keep your grades up. Just don’t let Senioritis control you. 

Just enjoy the next year. 


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